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5 benefits of having an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for your company.

What is AMC?

It’s an agreement between your company and a maintenance service provider to give regular maintenance according to the terms of the contract.

The specifications of the contract may change from business to business.

5 reasons to get equipped with AMC:

1. Manage your budget within a limit

A permanent maintenance contract will help in predictable budget calculations for the business. Many businesses find that they save money when they have an AMC to rely on.

This prevents sudden budget changes and loss due to improper budget management. Save your money and get profitable solution to your technical issues.

2. Maximum utilisation of hardware facilities

Regular maintenance of the devices will help them to function more efficiently and consistently.

With proper and regular maintenance of the devices, there would be no more need to worry about maintenance as it’ll be taken care of by a group of experts.

3. Have prime focus on major aspects of your business

Give the maintenance works to a group of experts and steer your attention away to more important areas of your business to increase productivity. It's also cheaper than hiring someone to take care of maintaining facilities for you in your workplace.

By giving the attention on technical maintenance to an AMC company, you can now achieve targets of your businesses by focusing on them alone.

4. Availability of reliable and expert technicians

Find the perfect AMC company for the solution to all your technical difficulties available at your disposal.

Properly balance all the aspects of your business by not compromising on perfection.

The absence of an AMC may lead to prolonged hours of technical maintenance which will negatively affect the productivity of the business.

5. Fully prepared emergency technical support

Protect your business in emergency situations with a technical support team available at all times. Having an AMC at your workplace is the best way to handle energy situation of technical issues. Prevent getting caught off guard and reduce the delay in repairing when there’s a problem with the equipment or technology.

What are the services provided under the annual maintenance contract(AMC)?

  • Repair or replacement of mechanical and electrical equipment including distribution boards, circuit boards, circuit breakers, light fittings, control panels, switches and water heaters.

  • Checking the defects in water pumps to prevent major water loss.

  • Holes, cracks and engine leaks will be taken proper care of.

  • Repairing of external leaks in pipes to counter extensive water loss.

  • Cleaning of water tank once a year.

  • Cleaning of filters (FCU, AHU, FAHU, Ecology unit and etc)

  • Cleaning and checking of electrical components.

  • Pressure washing of coils for Air Conditioning system.

  • Refilling of the refrigerant gas (gas will be charged separately).

  • Belt replacement, lubrication and cleaning of drain lines.

  • Placing of drain flow tablets in drip trays.

  • Changing compressor oil and filters, if required.

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