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6 signs your water heater is in urgent need of maintenance

Are you delaying the maintenance of your water heater or haven’t had it inspected in a long time? Safety checks and regular inspections are important to prevent dangerous incidents caused by poorly maintained water heaters.

Also, water heaters are frequently used during the winter season in the UAE. So, on January 16, Dubai Municipality posted a video with instructions and preventive measures to avoid any dangerous incidents when it comes to using water heaters.

Here are the top tips shared by Dubai Municipality:

  • Install the water heater and have specialists perform periodic maintenance.

  • Make sure to turn off the exhaust fan before bedtime and don't leave it on the whole night or for long hours.

  • Choose a high-quality exhaust fan.

  • Make sure to disconnect the heater's electricity when leaving the house for a long period.

  • Get the safety valve checked

  • Yearly maintenance is important

1. Extremely hot water: If the water is getting too hot and the thermostat doesn’t rectify the issue, it’s time to call in a professional.

2. Water leakage: You should also check for leaks around the water heater. Another sign there may be a leak is low water pressure.

3. Discoloured water: This means there is rust in the water heater.

4. Frequent power outages: If your home’s power supply is tripping regularly, this might be due to a problem with your water heater. A qualified electrician will be able to check this and, if the water heater is causing the issue, you will need the unit to be repaired or replaced.

5. The age of your water heater: While warranties on new units may span five or even ten years, the life span of your water heater heavily depends on usage, age, and how well it has been maintained. If you are unsure how old a unit is, call in a professional to check and advise you of what, if any, maintenance is required.

6. Whizzing sounds - Another indicator is if the water heater is generating any ‘whizzing’ sounds, which might be an indication that the safety valve is not properly installed.

How much will it cost?

While many property developers include regular maintenance as part of the rental contract, if you are looking into hiring a professional maintenance service, it is important to note that you would need to opt for a comprehensive maintenance package, which would include electrical, plumbing, and AC maintenance. Such packages, on average start from around Dh1,100 for a yearly contract, and can go higher, depending on the size of your home

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