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Consulting a home AC repair in Dubai regarding the freezing of Air conditioners

If the refrigerant that creates the cold air gets covered and freezes, your room won't actually get any cooler. Rather, it will blow warm air or nothing at all. The pressure is affected by the cooling circuit. However, if something stops the airflow through the coils or if the pressure inside the coils is not equalized then they get too cold and can freeze quickly due to airflow, pressure, or both. Let's take a closer look at why this happens:

Lack of airflow

This is one of the most common reason caused by various malfunctions, from fan motor to the air intake. If the flow of warm air through the coils is somehow stopped while the compressor is running continuously, your air conditioner will begin to freeze. This condition can worsen over time. It can happen due to several reasons, being:

collapsed channel

Bad fan motor

Low fan voltage

Clogged air filter

Dust blockage inside the coils

There is no risk of dust accumulation with any air filter, low-quality filter, and no filter change. The coils are often damp due to the condensation of moist air on the cold surface and must be cleaned regularly. As the dust-filled air blows past the moistened snakes, a thick blanket is formed that acts as an insulator-trapping the cold air and creating excessive cold. This, combined with more moisture, builds up on the dust and creates an "icebox" effect.

Low amount of refrigerant:

If you're running low on refrigerant, the warm air will quickly turn to cold gas and moisture will condense on the coils, freezing them instantly. With insufficient pressure, more ice builds up until the AC fills up and the copper pipes go up. This is why it is necessary to maintain an appropriate refrigerant level to prevent your air conditioner from freezing.

If you notice frost anywhere around your air conditioner, you need to turn off the thermostat and call home air conditioner repair in Dubai, immediately. This allows the compressor to turn off and prevent creating cold air. Keep the fan switched on, as the added airflow can help the ice begin to melt. Inform Dubai AC of the reason for your call as it needs to be prioritized to prevent permanent damage to your system.

Spatialfit Technical Services in Dubai will ensure that preventative maintenance will keep your air conditioner running smoothly, prevent your cooling system from freezing, and perform optimally even during the heat of the summer months, so you can relax at home without facing the hefty cost of replacing it later.

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