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Tips to Choose an Energy-Saving Water Heater in Dubai

Are you in a situation where your water heater has given up on you then it is only logical that you are aiming at buying a new one that will go easy on your pocket? A cost-effective product is not only efficient in speed but also in energy consumption. Your water heating needs are important, and so should your decisions around them. The unique heat pump product is a fantastic product to demonstrate good energy efficiency and economy.

How Does It Work?

While a conventional water heater generates heat using either gas or electricity to heat the water. The pump draws heat air around it and funnels it into the tank to heat the water that is stored inside. This is a lot more efficient as energy is not used to generate heat but rather only transfer it.

Hybrid Water Heater

If there is simply not enough heat to go around with your current consumption rate, then this might be your option. The heat pump water heater is also referred to as a ‘hybrid water heater’ because it can also act as an ordinary water heater too. It is possible to alter the settings to either do this automatically when the demand arrives. These settings can be altered according to your needs.


The heat pump design is Energy Star approved which is already a large step in the right direction. Energy Star only ranks energy-efficient products that are energy efficient to standard, with their star of approval. Depending on your usage, the heat pump design can be up to a massive 3 times more energy-smart than a conventional water heater allowing for significant energy savings.

Installation Costs

Anything worthwhile does not come at a low price. When compared to standard water heater units, the heat pump design is quite a lot pricier. But you are paying for the increased efficiency as well as the fact that the product will last longer. Where a conventional water heater only has a warranty of up to 12 years; you can add a few more years when buying a heat pump option.

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